Save The Garment Center

Elie Tahari’s $35,000 Dress That Will Help Save the Garment Center

35000dressSeptember 4th is not only the day that New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg will declare “Elie Tahari Day,” but it is also the day in which Save the Garment Center will be revitalized by Tahari’s $35,000 donation. Tahari is inviting STGC to share in his 40th business Anniversary celebration by donating $35,000 from the sales of the dress designed on Season 2 of “Project Runway All Stars,” and sold at Tahari’s boutiques. Project Runway All Stars designer Anthony Ryan Auld created the dress in the Tahari challenge that tasked the designers with making a ready-to-wear garment for the Eli Tahari woman. Tahari has generously decided to donate the proceeds from this dress to STGC to help raise awareness about the importance of the Garment Center and its ability to bring more jobs back into New York City.

STGC congratulates Tahari on making beautifully designed women’s fashion for 40 years. We are honored that Elie Tahari, a well respected and established designer who does production runs in New York City, has chosen our organization to share his momentous anniversary and day. Elie Tahari’s donation and public support is invaluable in helping us reach a larger audience to explain why this fashion ecosystem is essential to the local economy and to ensuring the city remains the development and research hub for fashion. Tahari’s $35,000 donation is the largest contribution that STGC has received to date and will help revitalize the organization’s ability to preserve, promote, and save New York City as the world’s fashion capital.

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